ganesha idol

Ganesh Utsav through the eyes of Creador Designs

As we all know our Ganpati Bappa is a symbol of wisdom, prosperity, new beginnings, and good fortune, he is also known as the god of creativity. India celebrates Ganesh Festival to uphold its rich cultural tradition through various artistic forms. Our beloved Bappa is depicted through different art forms to represent that he is the god of creativity. As we at Creador Designs take pride in saying ‘Creativity is in our DNA’, we of course noticed creativity in various aspects of this festival celebration.

We believe that creativity has no boundaries and can be found everywhere. In our view, humans are all creative in their ways. And that creativity was evidently seen throughout this Ganesh Utsav. From the preparations of the Ganpati celebration until the end of the festival, creativity was abundant all around. Everyone worked effortlessly in preparing their homes for welcoming their dearest Bappa.

Considering the adverse impacts of Ganpati Visarjan on natural water sources, most of the citizens opted for self-made Ganpati idols this year. These idols were made using completely natural items, and of course, with love and care. Not only did this give them freedom of molding their favorite Bappa in their way, but it also gave them an opportunity to brush up on their creative skills. They sculpted their Ganpati idols with eco-friendly materials like river clay, red soil, paper mache, and even some common household materials like flour and turmeric! On the other hand, those without the time and skills chose this festival as an opportunity to support local artists by purchasing eco-friendly idols and showing their creativity by putting together beautiful decors.

This Ganesh Utsav, people were more inclined to customize decors on their own rather than purchasing expensive decors from the market. Instead of using items that might harm the environment in some or the other way, people made use of sustainable and natural materials. Many people used their DIY skills and made use of 100% organic materials like coconut shells, leaves, flowers, jute, and so on. Not only were all the decors beautiful, but also unique in their own ways. Each decor had its own unique significance, ranging from historical-themed decor depicting forts of India to spreading awareness about social issues.

Even though this Ganesh Utsav has concluded, we at Creador Designs believe that creativity must not be put on hold. We think that the more you make it a part of your daily life, the more it will grow. So, find opportunities and keep your creativity alive.