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Ganesh Utsav through the eyes of Creador Designs

As we all know our Ganpati Bappa is a symbol of wisdom, prosperity, new beginnings, and good fortune, he is also known as the god of creativity. India celebrates Ganesh Festival to uphold its rich cultural tradition through various artistic forms. Our beloved Bappa is depicted through different art forms to represent that he is the god of creativity. As we at Creador Designs take pride in saying ‘Creativity is in our DNA’, we of course noticed creativity in various aspects of this festival celebration.

We believe that creativity has no boundaries and can be found everywhere. In our view, humans are all creative in their ways. And that creativity was evidently seen throughout this Ganesh Utsav. From the preparations of the Ganpati celebration until the end of the festival, creativity was abundant all around. Everyone worked effortlessly in preparing their homes for welcoming their dearest Bappa.

Considering the adverse impacts of Ganpati Visarjan on natural water sources, most of the citizens opted for self-made Ganpati idols this year. These idols were made using completely natural items, and of course, with love and care. Not only did this give them freedom of molding their favorite Bappa in their way, but it also gave them an opportunity to brush up on their creative skills. They sculpted their Ganpati idols with eco-friendly materials like river clay, red soil, paper mache, and even some common household materials like flour and turmeric! On the other hand, those without the time and skills chose this festival as an opportunity to support local artists by purchasing eco-friendly idols and showing their creativity by putting together beautiful decors.

This Ganesh Utsav, people were more inclined to customize decors on their own rather than purchasing expensive decors from the market. Instead of using items that might harm the environment in some or the other way, people made use of sustainable and natural materials. Many people used their DIY skills and made use of 100% organic materials like coconut shells, leaves, flowers, jute, and so on. Not only were all the decors beautiful, but also unique in their own ways. Each decor had its own unique significance, ranging from historical-themed decor depicting forts of India to spreading awareness about social issues.

Even though this Ganesh Utsav has concluded, we at Creador Designs believe that creativity must not be put on hold. We think that the more you make it a part of your daily life, the more it will grow. So, find opportunities and keep your creativity alive.

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Why do SMEs require a strong graphic designing team to boost sales?

Picture this: The world around you is monochromatic. Everywhere you look, you only see things that are either black or white. You can’t tell things apart, nothing seems edgy. Everything is just plain and simple, and boring.

Such is the case with content without graphics. It is often said that a picture speaks a thousand words–and that is very true. In fact, if you were to scroll through this blog without the fun pictures illustrating why graphic designing is important, you too would lose interest very quickly.

But the question may arise, what does an SME have to gain from graphic design? A business comprises transactional relations, so how does digital doodling impact the business?

Believe it or not, if your business falls in the category of Small to Medium Enterprises, investing in graphic designs is the best investment you can make.

Here are 3 reasons why:

  • Brand identity :

First impressions are important. Especially when, in a fast-growing digital world, you barely have 10 seconds to do so. The interplay of colors and designs lasts longer in the human mind than mere words. It’s not simply about the artful nature of it, it has more to do with creativity.

It further forges an effective connection with potential customers, because when your brand has a logo they recognize, they will eventually start looking it up. They will remember what your brand stands for, and what your business is all about. Hence, brand identity is built on the foundation of graphic design.

  • Breaking barriers :

Often, the simplest actions create the biggest impact. So is the case with graphic design. To dig deeper, the early men communicated through symbols. Even if you cannot read many languages, signs and symbols are something that you can decode effortlessly. 

As a brand, this is what you should take advantage of. Breaking the language barrier can be easily accomplished with graphics that convey what your brand stands for.

  • Building Trust :

Have you ever stumbled upon a website that has poorly designed pictures, most of them not even relevant to the theme? Let’s suppose it is an e-commerce website. The colours are clashing, you can’t even read the text or the prices of the product they are selling. Would you risk buying from such a website?
No? Exactly. It’s noteworthy that designs have the ability to build trust. Circling back to the points we have made previously, first impressions are often made at face value, hence it is vital that your business has designs that are crisp and clear. Many a time, potential customers check out the brand’s digital presence to ensure that their purchase is authentic. Designs have the ability to legitimise your brand.


Why is Website Development the need of the hour?

In the quest to create your brand’s online presence, you must have thought about creating a website. But, have you ever wondered why the sudden trend of building an online office is gaining the wave? The answer is actually quite simple. With the surge in the number of online users, information sharing has become a matter of a few clicks. Consumer behaviour has observed a diverse change with the advent of the Internet. Furthermore, this is what brands need to leverage to expand their presence.

Websites not only elevate the credibility of your brand but also serve as the portal for major announcements. Without being lost in the long-winded scrolling social media platforms, you get to control the narrative on the website. Moreover, when you build upon your brand’s specific voice, it paves the way for organic traffic to flow in–which in turn, boosts your sales. Win-win, right?

The internet is full of websites of different kinds, so appealing to the eye that one can easily get lost on their surfing expedition. Often, the websites we explore influence the aspirations one might have for their own business. Developing a website is a crucial step to growing an enterprise, but it is also important to match these aspirations to the purpose the website serves for the business.

Hence, we understand that choosing the right kind of website when it comes to launching a business online can be difficult. While the basic structure may remain the same for most websites, fundamental differences may exist. Creador offers an exhaustive range as well, so let’s hop in and walk through some basic ones so that you can zero in on the one you wish to develop.

  • Portfolio Website: Portfolio websites, to put it simply, can be considered a creative professional’s Hall of Fame. As the name suggests, a portfolio website’s main purpose is to showcase a company or an individual’s work, qualifications and honours awarded.

    These websites are often used to demonstrate the credibility of the company or individual so that potential clients can go through this visual resume.
  • E-commerce Website: For most businesses, an e-commerce website is a saviour. E-commerce websites serve the purpose of an online retail store. These websites are the most popular ones as customers can easily look up the products and services offered by a company online. They can add the products they wish to purchase to the cart and pay for them through a payment gateway.

    A fun fact about E-commerce websites is that your business does not necessarily need to have a physical store to function! As long as it is a registered business, you will have loads of opportunities to explore!
  • Blogging Website:
    Quick question: How much do you think a blogger earns annually?

    The answer might blow your mind. According to Indeed, a blogger can make up to $37,073 per year. Though this estimation is made on average approximation and can vary a lot, it is still a significant sum for any freelancer or SME. Beware that if you are a beginner, this source of income will take time to unlock, but it is still profitable nonetheless, as it will generate a lot of traffic to your website.

    Blogs are used to impart information and tactics. A person’s first instinct to gain quick information is to look it up on the internet. Much like the one you are reading right now, they are also used to build credibility. Even if you do not opt for a blogging website, it is definitely suggested to include a blog section for any kind of website that you ultimately opt for.

These are just a few kinds of websites that you can choose from. Furthermore, you can also choose to create a hybrid website that clubs all these functionalities together to give your business an edge over its competitors and build trust in the minds of the customers.