Why is Website Development the need of the hour?

In the quest to create your brand’s online presence, you must have thought about creating a website. But, have you ever wondered why the sudden trend of building an online office is gaining the wave? The answer is actually quite simple. With the surge in the number of online users, information sharing has become a matter of a few clicks. Consumer behaviour has observed a diverse change with the advent of the Internet. Furthermore, this is what brands need to leverage to expand their presence.

Websites not only elevate the credibility of your brand but also serve as the portal for major announcements. Without being lost in the long-winded scrolling social media platforms, you get to control the narrative on the website. Moreover, when you build upon your brand’s specific voice, it paves the way for organic traffic to flow in–which in turn, boosts your sales. Win-win, right?

The internet is full of websites of different kinds, so appealing to the eye that one can easily get lost on their surfing expedition. Often, the websites we explore influence the aspirations one might have for their own business. Developing a website is a crucial step to growing an enterprise, but it is also important to match these aspirations to the purpose the website serves for the business.

Hence, we understand that choosing the right kind of website when it comes to launching a business online can be difficult. While the basic structure may remain the same for most websites, fundamental differences may exist. Creador offers an exhaustive range as well, so let’s hop in and walk through some basic ones so that you can zero in on the one you wish to develop.

  • Portfolio Website: Portfolio websites, to put it simply, can be considered a creative professional’s Hall of Fame. As the name suggests, a portfolio website’s main purpose is to showcase a company or an individual’s work, qualifications and honours awarded.

    These websites are often used to demonstrate the credibility of the company or individual so that potential clients can go through this visual resume.
  • E-commerce Website: For most businesses, an e-commerce website is a saviour. E-commerce websites serve the purpose of an online retail store. These websites are the most popular ones as customers can easily look up the products and services offered by a company online. They can add the products they wish to purchase to the cart and pay for them through a payment gateway.

    A fun fact about E-commerce websites is that your business does not necessarily need to have a physical store to function! As long as it is a registered business, you will have loads of opportunities to explore!
  • Blogging Website:
    Quick question: How much do you think a blogger earns annually?

    The answer might blow your mind. According to Indeed, a blogger can make up to $37,073 per year. Though this estimation is made on average approximation and can vary a lot, it is still a significant sum for any freelancer or SME. Beware that if you are a beginner, this source of income will take time to unlock, but it is still profitable nonetheless, as it will generate a lot of traffic to your website.

    Blogs are used to impart information and tactics. A person’s first instinct to gain quick information is to look it up on the internet. Much like the one you are reading right now, they are also used to build credibility. Even if you do not opt for a blogging website, it is definitely suggested to include a blog section for any kind of website that you ultimately opt for.

These are just a few kinds of websites that you can choose from. Furthermore, you can also choose to create a hybrid website that clubs all these functionalities together to give your business an edge over its competitors and build trust in the minds of the customers.

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